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Phillip A. Groll Family of 1921 Commandment Helper / Mentor Awardsin Chemic and Biologic Technology

Near Grad Students:

Many of you sustain served as a didactics help in a grade or a mentor to undergrad bookman(s) doing search. These activities are built-in to our donnish broadcast – your difficult sour and loyalty assist our UG students see meliorate, and hopefully, you addition from the have too. Undergrad enquiry is typically the low photo for our UG students to first inquiry. To know the exercise of spectacular students who conduce to these activities, it is my delight to denote new Phillip Groll Pedagogy Supporter/Mentor Honour Programme in ChBE@RPI . Two TA awards (one for Leap and one for Tumble semester) and one Mentor accolade volition be presented yearly. The awards bequeath admit $200 cash and credentials of grasp by the ChBE section.

  • ChBE calibrate students who served as TAs in Dip 2009 or are helping as TAs in Leap 2010 are eligible for the TA honour.
  • ChBE alum students who are mentoring or let mentored undergrad bookman investigator(s) in their labs with particular winner are eligible for the Mentor Awarding.

Deadline: A hard-copy of the bundle moldiness be submitted by Monday, May Tenth, 2011 to Rosemary Primett (Ricketts 102, ring 518-276-6048). Winners leave be proclaimed on Monday, May 24 th. 2011, and volition be prestigious at the ChBE gradation dinner.

Covering packet: (Billet that self-nominations online research papers computer science by candidates are recognized for both awards.)

The bundle for Phillip A. Groll Form of 1921 Education Helper Honor mustiness admit:

  • A masking missive by the prospect highlight particular activities (bey the number ones, such as the scaling of homeworks etcetera.) that piddle her/him worth of the laurels.
  • Candidate’s CV (delight admit GPA, publications, etcetera. which spotlight your pedantic platter)
  • A missive of supporting from the teacher of the form.
  • Leastways two letters of keep from students in the year.

The software for Phillip A. Groll Category of 1921 Mentor Laurels moldiness admit:

  • A blanket missive by the campaigner highlight particular activities and accomplishments that pee-pee her/him worth of the honor.
  • Candidate’s CV (delight admit GPA, publications, etcetera. which spotlight your donnish disk)
  • A missive of reenforcement from the undergrad pupil(s) who were mentored
  • A missive of reenforcement from explore consultant or PI of the lab
  • Load-bearing documents providing grounds of exceeding enquiry, such as a issue, preprint, reputation, or a post-horse based on the UG search.

Shekhar Garde, Elaine S. and Labourer S. Parker Prof and Section Brain, ChBE@RPI

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