Net Programing in Python

TODO: combine in and inquiry these, plant on comprehensive.lang.python

Yes, Python can eff. on Windows.

Two (examples) slipway:

Gestalt (who mix Python, Red JavaScript. via Silverlight)

TODO: Add credit of IPython Notebook which can be run remotely, well on AWS, and secondhand inside your browser. The HTML node can besides interact with JavaScript and DOM, though this sport isn’t rather incorporated yet. Thither’s much beingness through thereon, but it’s already organism victimised and likely should be mentioned hither.

This subject covers shipway in which python can be victimized in web browsers to mastery, produce or control the contented inside a exploiter’s vane, or a web-based engineering (such as WebKit. the engineering backside Campaign, Midori, the OLPC Browser, Flurry AIR, Google Chromium-plate and practically more; XULrunner (the locomotive backside Firefox and practically more); MSHTML (the locomotive bum 1 and often more ); and KDE’s KHTMLPart.

To elucidate what character of engineering goes onto this foliate, around examples of types of engineering that can and cannot be added to this incision:

Specifically excluded from the leaning is engineering that but generates still HTML message. So, an HTML pretty-printer library, as the attendant HTML merely uses the browser for presentation purposes kinda than victimization the browser as an lotion executing environs, is out. Such technologies can alternatively be plant at WebClientProgramming.

  • Plugins for Web Browsers that cater organise approach to the DOM framework of the network. In just the like way that near web browsers suffer JavaScript by nonremittal as a speech that can straight entree the DOM manakin of the web, a plugin or early organisation that can do the like affair (with Python exploitation alternatively of JavaScript victimization ) should be listed on this paginate.
  • Python-based engineering that auto-generates or compiles JavaScript decidedly counts, as the consequent JavaScript would be executed by the web.
  • Engineering that just usesJavaScript or depends on JavaScript libraries (such as mochikit, extjs or paradigm) does not reckoning, but a Python-based wrap library approximately a JavaScript locomotive decidedly counts.

  • This latter lesson requires roughly advance account: Pyjamas, e.g., is a Python-to-JavaScript compiler that can admit inline JavaScript. So, although the stimulus to Pyjamas is role Python, function JavaScript. the production is arrant JavaScript that runs in a vane, so any such assorted terminology libraries should be included on this foliate.

    Python-to-JavaScript Compilers

    These are tools that commute Python into JavaScript. that can so be run either stand-alone, exploitation engineering such as Spidermonkey, Google’s V8 locomotive (e.g., exploitation pyv8 ), or in a net (where, in fiat to be utilitarian, the applications moldiness naturally port with the DOM simulation of the browser, typically victimization an AJAX library).

    The displacement from Python to Javascript can be through by a Python plan

    Pyjaco. the Python-to-Javascript Compiler is a python-based compiler that testament hoard about python encrypt into reasonably covenant javascript. It uses a little (

    60KB) received library to apply all the common python types similar name, dict, int, bool, etcetera. It supports classes, heritage, keyword and varying arguments, and lots more. It has a comp examination entourage, and aims to be the nearly fun and effective way to produce web applications with Python.

  • Pyjamas is a Python-to-JavaScript compiler and AJAX-based Web Toolkit and Model that allows users to save inscribe in banner Python that bequeath be run in a network, aft rendering to JavaScript. pyjs – the compiler – can too be exploited as a stand-alone JavaScript compiler. Thither are iii primary modes: –strict, providing as some wax stern python compatibility and interoperability as is both potential and has been contributed hitherto (which is quite lot); -O, providing a subset of python functionality and providing practically quicker operation as a answer; –stupid-mode which waterfall cover to javascript certainly operations, with the answer that the production is lots easier to translate and to equate to the master python from which it was generated, but runs the peril of ever-changing the significant of the python lotion and requiring a cryptic sympathy of how javascript operates (doltishly – thence the discover of the mood).
  • Py2Js is an unmaintained labor that can silence be downloaded hither. It is strictly a Python-to-JavaScript compiler/interpreter.
  • Py2js is a retained task that provides a Python-to-JavaScript compiler.
  • PyCow is an unmaintained propose to interpret Python codification to Javascript with Mootools
  • Toy Salad is a web developing IDE with HTML and CSS that compiles Python to JavaScript
  • Transcrypt is a peter to precompile a middling blanket subset of Python into squeeze, clear Javascript. It has the next characteristics: Allows for graeco-roman OO scheduling with multiple heritage. Unlined desegregation with the macrocosm of high-quality web-oriented JavaScript libraries, sooner than the desktop-oriented Python ones. Hierarchic URL based faculty organization to keep diagnose conflicts. Bare recounting betwixt Python origin and generated JavaScript cypher for loose debugging. Squeeze downloads, kB’s preferably than MB’s

  • or by a Javascript platform, with the Python inscribe translated and run on the fly by the network

    Skulpt is a Python-to-JavaScript compiler that is centering on providing (just) entire Python syntax. The show includes a Python spokesperson instigate, which is really linear in the exploiter’s www, not on a host, as saturated JavaScript.

  • Brython is a Python 3 effectuation that runs in a browser, providing .

  • Embedding Python interior Web Browsers

    This department describes projects where a Python representative itself has been embedded into the net. Rather of downloading the criterion Python workable and libraries, these projects accompany the CPython runtime and libraries pre-embedded (and, intrinsically, are typically rattling big downloads).

    PyXPComExt has the full-of-the-moon Python spokesperson embedded. PyXPCOMExt is the spokesperson as a XULRunner wing; PyDOM is a library that testament well-nigh sure be needful, that allows you to falsify the browser’s DOM exemplar exploitation Python. The API is (virtually) superposable thereto of JavaScript. Efficaciously, where browsers birth inbuilt reinforcement for lang=javascript. PyXPComExt adds to Firefox.

  • AppCelerator ‘s Ti provides backup for . exploitation IronPython and Silverlight.
  • Ironpython by itself likewise provides accompaniment for .
  • Firebreath is an NPAPI plugin that extends approach full features of DOM scheduling bent otc scheduling languages, including python.

  • Python Wrappers some Web Libraries and Browser Engineering

    This part describes projects where you can (or deliver to) make your own browser lotion in Python. It includes www engines that deliver Python interfaces to entree, restraint and nowadays web pages and web-relevant fertile media capacity (such as Flurry Newsbreak).

    CefPython provides python bindings for the Google Chromium-plate browser by victimisation Cr Embedded Model. a vane command based on the Cr task.

  • PythonWebKit – PythonWebKit is a Python wrapping round Webkit that provides organise entree to the DOM simulation. PyWebKitGtk has been merged into the bod, instead than organism reinforced singly. Different the spotty edition of PyWebKitGtk. PythonWebKit does not go via gobject to accession DOM functions but alternatively calls the Webkit DOM functions calculate.
  • PyWebKitGtk – PyWebkitGtk is a Python peignoir round Webkit that embeds the Webkit locomotive as a GTK contraption. The criterion variation of PyWebKitGtk is ineffectual to ply admission to the DOM modelling, treating pywebkit as a hands-off gizmo that can be exploited to save your own Www (see Withal, a maculation to webkit and a like mend to PyWebKitGtk bequeath presently play DOM simulation use to python: see PyjamasDesktop for details.
  • PyWebkitQt4 is a python housecoat again approximately Webkit but this sentence as a Qt4 contraption. An passing modified subset of bindings to the DOM simulation let been added to PyWebkitQt4. on with the agency to do JavaScript encrypt snippets. Whilst in precept this sounds ilk a howling estimate, in exercise it is mad to sour with, peculiarly for case callbacks and for anything bey the virtually sheer and canonic DOM use. PyWebkitQt4 is better avoided for meaning DOM handling, or is trump toughened as nil more a substance to expose HTML (and otc web-based media such as Flashgun and Coffee applications).
  • PyKDE – KDE contains Python bindings to KHTMLPart (which is selfsame exchangeable to Webkit). This allows you to imbed HTML into an covering windowpane. The Python bindings to the DOM modelling are slenderly. dumb. to say the least, and PyKHTML – PyKHTML makes them practically more adequate (see Withal, thither are limitations in PyKDE’s DOM bindings (that many citizenry volition ne’er meeting) that you should inquire soundly ahead utilising PyKDE for badly heavy-duty DOM simulation use. To deflect those limitations you should ascertain that the total KDE chopine is compiled with C++ RTTI enabled (it is typically handicapped by virtually distributions, by nonremittal).
  • WebKit with the Objective-C bindings (MacOS X users but). Webkit itself has Objective-C bindings, on MacOS X. MacOS X’s Objective-C engineering comes with robotic bindings to all major scheduling languages, including Python (victimisation pyobjc). Therefore, you can instantly misrepresent the DOM simulation from Python. Withal, dissimilar the use of MSHTML, and dissimilar XULrunner and the spotted variation of WebKit. the Objective-C WebKit bindings are express to scarcethe DOM framework, and are circumscribed to rigid conformity with the W3C standards (instead than the de-facto standards outlined by real-world JavaScript use). So, e.g., XMLHttpRequestis not included in the Objective-C bindings (whereas it is in XULRunner); and the imbedcomponent takes breadth and acme rigorously as integers, preferably than accepting 100pxand uncovering off px.
  • HulaHop provides Python admittance to DOM modeling handling – via XUL/Gecko Interfaces. HulaHop is parting of the OLPC Boodle Propose, but is uncommitted stand-alone. It depends on python-xpcom (function of XULRunner). HulaHop is beingness distant from Dinero and existence replaced by WebKit.
  • PyWin32 comtypes can be ill-used (with aid!) to make an MSHTML IWebBrowser2 ActiveX windowpane and thence supply admittance full DOM features of the MSHTML (Trident) locomotive. PyjamasDesktop uses this proficiency to make the interface. Billet that foundation and use of XMLHttpRequestis too shown in PyjamasDesktop ‘s
  • python-wxWebKit is source to offer Python approach to DOM simulation use – via python bindings that are auto-generated victimization Slug. The end of the externalise is to ply good approach to the total DOM exemplar, and this finish is, as of May 2011, about 25% realized.
  • Python Wrappers approximately Web Tryout Cortege Libraries

    This part describes projects where you can run web applications, initiated from the command-line with python bindings.

    Se. the browser essay rooms, has python bindings: Establish HOWTO. Se is a rooms of tools to automatize web app examination crossways many platforms.

  • Aerogenerator is a web examination instrument intentional to let you painlessly automatise and debug your web diligence. Ilk se, it too has Python bindings.

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