One iOS Fundamentals

This segment covers the nearly usual and crucial questions that rally when start to workplace with iOS.


I’ve upright standard iPhone Developer commendation from Apple, but I’ve ne’er highly-developed for iOS ahead. What do I do low?

A. Download the SDK, arise and track on the Apple developer situation, and fix your squad, devices, and provisioning. We’ve provided a introductory listing of stairs to get you started.

Can Unity-built games run in the iPhone Simulator?

A. No, but 1 iOS can chassis to iPad Simulator if you’re victimisation the modish SDK. Notwithstanding the simulator itself is not selfsame utile for Ace because it does not assume all inputs from iOS or right emu the execution you bestride the iPhone/iPad. You should tryout out gameplay immediately inwardly One exploitation the iPhone/iPad as a remote spell it is track the I Outback diligence. So, when you are quick to essay execution and optimise the gage, you print to iOS devices.

Oneness Features

How do I exercise with the touchscreen and accelerometer

A. In the scripting denotation within your One iOS installing, you leave discovery classes that offer the maulers into the device’s functionality that you bequeath motivation to bod your apps. Confabulate the Stimulation varlet for more data.

My existent corpuscle systems appear to run real easy on iOS. What should I do?

A. iOS has comparatively low fillrate. If your particles back a quite enceinte part of the concealment with multiple layers, it bequeath killing iOS operation eve with the simplest shader. We hint baking your mote effects into a serial of textures off-line. So, at run-time, you can use 1–2 particles to presentation them via alive textures. You can get passably enough sounding effects with a minimal come of magnify this way.

Can I shuffle a back that uses expectant physics?

A. Physics can be expensive on iOS as it requires lots of natation gunpoint issue crunching. You should whole obviate MeshColliders if at all potential, but they can be victimized if they are real necessity. To ameliorate execution, use a low frozen framerate victimization Edit-Time-Rigid Delta Metre. A framerate of 10–30 is recommended. Enable rigidbody insertion to accomplish polish motility spell victimization low physics chassis rates. In fiat to accomplish wholly liquid framerate without oscillations, it is scoop to selection frozen deltaTime assess based on the mean framerate your gamey is acquiring on iOS. Either 1:1 or one-half the build order is recommended. E.g., if you get 30 fps, you should use 15 or 30 fps for frozen framing pace (0.033 or 0.066)

Can I approach the drift, euphony library or the indigen iPod thespian in One iOS?

A. Yes – if you apply it. I iPhone supports the aborigine plugin scheme, where you can add any boast you want – including entree to Veranda, Euphony library, iPod Participant and any otc characteristic that the iOS SDK exposes. 1 iOS does not allow an API for accessing the listed features done 1 scripts.

UnityGUI Considerations

What rather operation hob bequeath UnityGUI pee-pee on my games?

A. UnityGUI is somewhat expensive when many controls are victimized. It is nonpareil to limitation your use of UnityGUI to punt menus or identical minimum GUI Controls piece your punt is track. It is authoritative to tone that every objective with a hand containing an OnGUI() vociferation leave need extra mainframe meter – level if it is an vacate OnGUI() closure. It is outflank to disenable any scripts that suffer an OnGUI() birdcall if the GUI Controls are not beingness secondhand. You can do this by mark the book as enabled = sham.

Any former tips for victimisation UnityGUI?

A. Try victimisation GUILayout as lilliputian as potential. If you are not victimisation GUILayout at all from one OnGUI() outcry, you can invalid all GUILayout translation victimization MonoBehaviour.useGUILayout = fictitious; This doubles GUI interpretation execution. Last, use as few GUI elements spell version 3D scenes as potential.

Acquiring started with iOS growing

iOS explanation frame-up

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