September 18, 2018 – Milan Darrell Bowie, 24 years Evening nightmare for two American players in Romania.

April 17, 2015 – LONDON “Everyone should be given a second chance.” Step onto the pitch even Justin Gatlin, the controversy between big speed, created with the lunging heavy Usain Bolt against Tyson Gay. The Jamaican said he was offended by the slight disqualified former world champion, reduced to one year for his collaboration with USADA: “A stupid, if you mess up you have to be thrown out. Point.

I do not want to race against Tyson Gay, really it is something that disturbs me. ” Tygart defends Gatlin: ” She has every right to run ” another chance – And so, a few days later, here comes the defense of Justin Gatlin. A defense for the truth, it stinks a lot, since we are talking of an athlete of year stop for doping has had four: Olympic gold in the 100 meters in Athens 2004, was suspended for doping in 2006 …

However, Gatlin told the Guardian: “I can not tell if what he said Usain is right or wrong. It ‘an opinion and everyone has the right to have it, so respect what he says.” Gatlin, who returned to racing in 2014 recorded the best times in both the 100 (9 “77) is the 200 m (19″ 68). harting fury – The truth is that among the athletes of the first order, Bolt is not the only one to come out against those who are in the odor of doping.

Just against Gatlin had lashed out at the end of last year the German hammered, Harting, who declined the nomination for Athlete of the Year, not to be in the same list of Gatlin: “I am honored by the nomination – said the German giant – but I asked the IAAF to depennarmi from the list because my name appeared alongside those of those who were guilty of doping. ” Gatlin glosses: “What I try to do is run, run fast and win. It does not bother me what the newspapers say, or the critics and at 33 I’m still finding my qualities.” Many other athletes had revolted against the guilty Nike had put under its agreement Gatlin, that the return in 2012 he was made to dress up as a Chinese brand.

The news of the association has sparked an uproar. Maybe Gatlin would perhaps do better to remain silent, avoiding further fuss. Gasport

August 14, 2016 – NEW YORK Even France, though without its leader Tony Parker, puts in big trouble Team USA. Eventually just the talent of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant but once again the US make much effort and win with minimum margin, 100-97. Klay Thompson star of the US victory over France.

Ap back klay – Coach K back to the past and proposes a quintet Klay Thompson (4/26 to 1/10 shooting and three in his first four races in Rio), who takes over from Paul George. Across Vincent Collet opted for a move to Popovich and has a night off all’acciaccato Tony Parker. Team USA starts with the right foot on the offensive level mainly because Kevin Durant is now the basket.

The though France is not watching: DeColo and Heurtel move the ball well and Les Bleus are good shots. Back from a series of very poor performances Thompson finally sends good signals to the technical staff going to sign with continuity.

Team USA arrives at double-digit advantage, Diaw and his companions try to slow them down with a few minutes of the area and across Lauvergne tries, with a couple of baskets sublime, to make work the team coach K. The points from the bench DeRozan help a lot, Team USA, however, can not stray too far because of the now very well known defensive amnesia. Still too little reactive cuts on their opponents, the team of coach K gives avoidable baskets and at the end of a still positive first time allows 56% tug of France and closes ahead 55-46.

France comeback – Without Parker tries DeColo to join hands with the National transalpine also in the third quarter. The player of CSKA remains a thorn in the side of the American defense, but in attack Klay Thompson changes gears and France, things get complicated. The Warriors player finally found rhythm from long range by finding the retina with the conclusions by the very high quotient of difficulty that enhance the fans of Golden State.

Two of Thompson consecutive triples as well give the American team on +13. Everything seems to be going right for Team USA, because Klay is still lagging; But once again the K coach team fails to knock out opponents shaky. The bad defensive readings of Team USA keep alive the French, who at the beginning of the last quarter in return and then get to -4 thanks to Heurtel layup and basket of Gelabale.

Six minutes to go and the Americans once again have to roll up their sleeves to avoid a resounding slip. We think Durant with a dunk to highlight, after the magic of Irving, to alienate Bleus, Gelabale respond but Carmelo Anthony returns from long range on the US to +8 to 3’47 ” from the siren. An excellent Heurtel try to give some hope to France but crushed by Cousins ​​and the triple Melo put safe, despite some thrills in the final seconds, the team of stars and stripes.

But again a lot, too much, struggling for Team USA. Use: Thompson 30 (2/3, 7/13), Durant 17. Rebounds: Durant 7. Assist: Irving 12. France: DeColo, Heurtel 18. Rebounds: Heurtel 8. Assist: Heurtel 9. Simone Sandri  @ © simonesandri are reserved write your comment 0      

September 18, 2018 – Milan Darrell Bowie, 24 years Evening nightmare for two American players in Romania. Darrell Bowie, 24, and Joseph McClain, 25, were stabbed repeatedly, in the night between Saturday and Sunday, outside a local Braila, a city in the west of the country not far from the Black Sea. The two players Cuza Sport (local team) have been approached by a person who has caused them and then tried to attack them.

Bowie and McClain left the room in order to restore calm and here were surrounded by 8-9 people who hit them with kicks, punches, chairs and then repeatedly stabbed. The two Americans were immediately taken to hospital: McClain was operated because of abdominal perforation, while Bowie was brought to Bucharest by helicopter and underwent a delicate intestines due to stab wounds in face, neck and abdominal area. black leather – The two seem not life threatening and, according to preliminary reports of the authorities, were attacked for no apparent reason, but one of the victims, Joseph McClain, has clear ideas about it: “We were attacked because we are blacks – he said in a Romanian TV -. we have not provoked, we have not said anything, we were our own business. ” McClain also denied any approach to a girl who appeared to be the girlfriend of one of the pack: “No one has come forward, we have not had any contact with her.” Gasport

August 9, 2016 – Milan Yuri Van Gelder, 33 years. Afp The Dutchman Yuri van Gelder was excluded from the Olympics for drunkenness. The gymnast was expelled from the Olympic Committee of the Netherlands and sent home on charges of violating the internal code of ethics. the facts – On Saturday, Van Gelder has gained access to the final of fantasy football 1xbet specialties to the rings after an excellent qualifying round.

That same evening, the athlete has left the Olympic village, where he returned in the early hours of Sunday, admitting he drank. The Olympic Committee of the Netherlands, therefore, faced with this double violation of the code (exit without permission and use of alcohol) could not help but to exclude it from the Games, saying goodbye to a potential medal. “We had no other choice” – These are the words of the spokesman of the Dutch Olympic Committee, Maurits Hendriks: “A difficult decision for us.

Sportivamente talking about is a disaster, but Yuri but violated our code and we have no other choices. All agreements and the rules must be respected. Our athletes have a standard to be followed, and this behavior is unacceptable. ” who is van Gelder – Van Gelder, 33, is no stranger to certain behaviors. In 2009, in fact, he had been suspended for one year because of a positive cocaine. It was world champion and Europe to the rings in 2005 and subsequently obtained other great results.

A major curriculum, but it was not enough to move the iron Dutch Olympic Committee. Gasport

March 3, 2019 – Milan On the road the first production model – all electric – its history, Honda leads to review the Geneva Prototype And that very closely prefigures the final version. Except for a few minor details and the name will be in showrooms in 2020 into a single “full optional”. E ‘evolution of the proposed Urban EV of 2017 style, in turn inspired by some of the supermini Honda sold in Years 60.

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